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Meet Riot

Born into creativity, shaped by tragedy, and defined by perseverance, Toronto based artist Beauty in the Riot draws inspiration from her own story. 
Her career has garnered her attention outside of Canada. In 2022 she performed at The Legendary SOBs in New York. Since then she has been featured in New York's The Breakfast Club & The Source Magazine.

She has been featured on both an editorial playlist and the main page of Apple Music in the United States. Beauty is the daughter of the late multi-Juno award winning singer Haydain Neale frontman of the band Jacksoul. She has always been a child of the arts and industry.

Although deeply inspired by her father Beauty strives to pave her own path and create her own lane. She directed many of her music videos and is vocal about wanting to see more women behind the camera. Her self directed video for 'Honey & Paper' made a VEVO curated playlist.

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